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Thu Duc City sets up mobile medical team in residential quarters

Thu Duc City has established 202 mobile medical groups in 199 residential quarters. Each group has at least one medical staff and 598 other members including police officers, military soldiers, members of youth unions, and city dwellers to take care of people's health.

At the conference (Photo: SGGP)

On the morning of November 21, the Steering Committee for Covid-19 Prevention and Control of Thu Duc City held a conference to evaluate the results of the operation of health stations, community Covid-19 groups and mobile medical teams in residential quarters in the prevention and control of Covid-19.
Speaking at the conference, Thu Duc City Party Chief Nguyen Van Hieu assessed that Thu Duc city has passed the peak of the epidemic, but there’s always a strong possibility that the epidemic can re-occur; therefore, he asked the entire machinery of politics in Thu Duc City to continue to list the task of epidemic prevention in order of top priority.
According to Party Chief Nguyen Van Hieu, Thu Duc City has many densely populated wards; thus, ward-level medical stations would not be able to manage closely all households, putting pressure on the existing grassroots health system. Accordingly, the formation of a neighborhood mobile medical team is consistent with real situations in each ward.
The Secretary of the Thu Duc City Party Committee asked health teams in residential quarters, ward health stations and hospitals in the area to work closely to minimize the mortality rate, especially in Covid-19 patients under home-care treatment.
Along with that, health care workers in grassroots medical clinics must pay close attention to know people at higher risk from coronavirus including older people, people with health conditions and pregnant women, and unvaccinated people to encourage to get vaccine jabs. Doctors and nurses of grassroots medical clinics are prepared or providing emergency treatment for these people.
According to him, Thu Duc City is also planning to form an expert team of three hospitals comprised of Thu Duc City Hospital, Le Van Thinh Hospital and Le Van Viet Hospital together with Thu Duc City Medical Center to support grassroots medical facilities.
In addition to health support, he noted that the mobile medical team in residential blocks should pay heed to relief package to those in difficult situations as well beneficiaries of social security policies. The newly-established city also mobilizes social contributions to the movement "Lovely Thu Duc City - For residents’ benefit ".
Outstanding frontline people in Thu Duc City are given flower (Photo: SGGP)
Mr. Hieu directed Thu Duc City People's Committee to re-evaluate to have support pol
icies for frontline people. Additionally, the city administration must have a solution to connect the grassroots health forces with businesses and local authorities to manage people to promptly detect Covid-19 cases to prevent the Covid-19 spread.
Speaking at the conference, Chairman of Thu Duc City People's Council Nguyen Phuoc Hung said that up to now, Thu Duc City has established 202 mobile medical teams in 199 residential blocks. Each team has at least one medical staff and 598 other members.
Initially, the mobile medical teams in residential blocks have worked effectively in receiving information, providing a full package of welfare and medicine bags to treat Covid-19 patients at home and those with underlying health conditions. Thereby, their work has helped to minimize the number of severe cases; early detect Covid-19 people developing worse, and provide initial medical assistance.
In order to support frontline force in the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic at the facility and implement the plan in the new situation, Thu Duc City has mobilized 2,278 civil servants, public employees, and local volunteers to do tasks at mobile medical stations and mobile medical teams in residential quarters including monitoring and giving treatment drugs for Covid-19 patients. At the same time, they will investigate poor and near-poor households’ living standards to give a security bag and timely assistance.
By Thu Huong – Translated by Dan Thuy