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Covid-19 vaccination now covers children aged 12 - 17: MoH

The Covid-19 vaccination will be expanded to children aged 12 - 17, starting this October in localities with sufficient conditions, according to the Ministry of Health (MoH).

Children aged 12 - 17 will be vaccinated against Covid-19 (Photo: VNA)

In a document issued on October 14, the MoH asked provinces and centrally-run cities nationwide to expand the vaccination to people aged 12 - 17, with those aged 16 - 17 to get the shots first. The inoculation will be carried out basing on the vaccine supply and the pandemic situation in each locality.
The MoH noted it has authorized a vaccine for use for this age group on the basis of the producer’s and its instructions.
Each person will be injected with two doses of the same vaccine, the ministry said, adding that the work will begin in October in the localities have sufficient conditions.
Their health departments were told to boost communications to encourage locals to enable the eligible children in the age group to receive timely and full vaccination.
The MoH also requested epidemiology and Pasteur institutes to quickly make training plans and guidance on Covid-19 vaccination for children aged 12 - 17.
As of October 11, more than 55 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines were administered to people aged from 18 in Vietnam.